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Memos, part three


To: This stupid migraine
Re: Go away

I’m tired of dealing with you. You’ve been in my head for days and you need to leave. Now.

Go away.


To: Powerball
Re: Numbers

Please dispense balls with numbers that match the numbers on my ticket. Wednesday would work well for me, but if Saturday is better for you, that’s OK, too.

To: The person living above me
Re: Flushing

Is it really necessary to flush your toilet every two hours all night long? I have not had a good night’s sleep in months thanks to all of the running water.

P.S. We can hear everything. You should really consider taking that “Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go” pill.

Heisse Scheisse


Even thought it’s two years late, I’m a fan of the airbus 380. Check out the landing:

Notice the much smaller aircraft heading in the opposite direction just after landing. That’s a 747!

Remington and Zoe are doing well. They’re getting subQ fluids (as well as Pepcid and other stuff) daily. The cause of their renal problems was the recalled cat food. Time, treatment, and testing are the only ways of learning the extent of kidney damage. Keep your fingers (and paws, where applicable) crossed for us.

I’m craving a trip to Europe. Germany, maybe, or England. (Germany was on the top of the list unitl a few months go, when it drastically fell from grace. It made it’s way back.)

I want to move, too. I’m tired of this apartment and ready for a change. Still have months on my lease, though, so I won’t really look until May-ish.

Dog, Cat Food Recalled After Pet Deaths

Please pass this on to anyone owning a pet. I’m not certain, but since there was NO OTHER cause of Remington’s kidney problems, this MAY be it.

These bastards are killing my cats.

WASHINGTON – A major manufacturer of pet foods sold throughout North America under dozens of store names is recalling millions of containers of its products while working to determine what caused kidney failure and some deaths of cats and dogs.

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