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A sad day for Pittsburgh animals…

The loss of the ARL contract = death for animals. Plain and simple. Those of you who can find it in your heart to save the lives of animals, please encourage city counsel to reach out to the ARL for a new contract. Those non- (and ex-) Pittsburgh residents can still opinionate to the reporters and encourage the sway of public opinion.

I sent the following letter to the editor of the PG and to the reporters following the above AC/ARL contract story:

I am writing this afternoon to express my sadness for the animals of Pittsburgh and for my disgust with city officials Tony Pokora and Doug Shields. The refusal of the new contract and apparent lack of respect for the services provided by the Animal Rescue League has taken away a superior and one-of-a-kind place for animals to have a second chance at life.

The Animal Rescue League’s partnership with Animal Control is one of the best services the city has to offer. Many otherwise homeless or euthanized animals have become people’s companions — thanks to the partnership between the City and the ARL. If not for the ARL and its contract, those animals would have died.

Without a partnership between the two, many more will die.

No one wants to see stray animals; if not properly handled, they can be a dangerous nuisance. But, when safely handled with the appropriate mix of respect, love, and dignity, not a one has to needlessly die or suffer. In working with the ARL, those fit to become pets do, and those dangerous to human life are humanely and respectfully taken care of.

I hope that Messrs Pokora and Shields will realize what a valuable resource the Animal Rescue League is to the city and honor the services they provide by reaching out for a contract. If that realization does not happen, well, I know who I’m NOT voting for come election time.


Pittsburgh Resident and ARL Volunteer


ARL Website:


Fried-A, TGI

Food cravings:
Goldfish crackers and sauvignon blanc. Not necessarily together, but I want them both.

A great conversation from this week:
M: Unsalted anything pisses me off. I just don’t get the point.
C: Word.

Last night, AK opened a can of NOT KATFUD!! and Cliff dashed in and happitailed and stomped all around. He hasn’t had a can of KATFUD!! since Christmas, but he still gets soso excited at the possibility of it being KATFUD!!. (It was a can of refriend beans. Definitely NOT KATFUD!!.)

AK: *opens can o’ refritos*
Cliff: *ears snap to attention* KITCHEN! *dashes into kitchen*
Cliff: KATFUD!! Oh, it’s KATFUD!! I just know it! *happitails around AK’s legs and stands next to the counter on two legs*
Me: Cliff, it’s not cat food.
Cliff: KATFUD!! I heard the noise. Must be KATFUD!! *Dances in circles and happitails some more* KAUTFUD!! KATFUD!! KATFUD!!
AK: Cliff, it’s not cat food. Is beans. Beans!
Cliff: Beans can be KATFUD!! *happitails* KATFUD!!
Me: Hahahaha. DON’T feed him beans.

(Not so) Soft Claws

I Soft Claw-ed the cats the other night. I got a wee bit of glue in Buddy’s toe floof, but cut it off before anything really bad happened. Throughout the process, I ended up supergluing my left thumb to my left ring finger, my left thumb to my left middle finger, and my right thumb to my right pinky. I have an angry kitten tattoo through my left eyebrow, as well as several holes in the t-shirt I was wearing. I’ve never had a hard time before; I don’t know what had them so squirmy and uncooperative.

One of Cliff’s came off in throes of the night crazies last night, but since it’s from his dew claw it’s not a big deal. I’d like to get some fun colored ones for the summer, though I have the sneaking suspicion that I’d be the only one to find them fun. I’m going to check the website for color mixes as the local pet store only carries clear.

UPDATE: They have a black and white mix that would look good on the guys!

For more info, visit

The List

This is designed to be a game of logic, resourcefulness, and creativity. As such, NO additional information will be given about the items on the list. The number of points that an item is worth is based upon the judges’ guesstimation of how difficult it will be to find such an object. The list is designed to have WAY more items than any one team will likely get, with a range of points/difficulties, and each team is not expected to retrieve all of the items. Be advised that the creators of the list *are* wicked and devious.

Points – Item

1 – Pen with business logo, max 10
1 – Beer bottle cap, max 5
1 – Business card, max 20
5 – Wet nap (prepackaged wet wipe)
5 – Plastic spork
5 – Paper airplane
10 – Quarter from 1993
10 – 10 empty Pixi Stix * 10 point bonus if Randy eats the sugar (photo proof)
10 – Origami * 15 point bonus if X-rated
10 – Man wearing black shoes with big white socks (photo OK)
10 – Packet of ketchup from McDonald’s
10-40, judge to determine – Limerick with “shampoo” in it
15 – Map that includes a city named Mapleton (photo OK)
20 – Piece of gum found stuck to the ground
20 – Item with a price sticker not in US dollars (photo OK)
20 – Overalls (photo OK)
25 – A thing (photo OK)
25 – Christmas tree light bulb
25 – What is the zip code of Mt. Kisco, NY
30 – Someone with a barber shop moustache (photo OK)
30 – Napkin with fish on it
35 – Manual for DOS 3.0 (photo OK)
40 – What is pi to 30 decimal places?
40 – Pen with a business slogan longer than four words
50 – Insulting ‘Happy Nth Birthday’ card where N is an integral multiple of 10 (photo OK)
50 – 300-baud modem (photo OK)
50 – Atomic weight of Strontium
50 – Airline luggage tag to Dayton (DAY)
50 – Parking ticket
60 – A pencil & paper rubbing of a police/fire badge
70 – Lycopersicon esculentum (photo OK)
75 – Photo of two group members at midnight (shown on public clock)
75 – Untorn label from a soda bottle
100 – 110157160040063040164151155145163041 (photo OK)
100 – A sardine peeler
The English translations for:
10 pts – pomme
20 pts – Zunge
40 pts- 大會
60 pts- mrak
80 pts- trdnjava

A post! A post!

It’s been a while. Miss me?

My reply to a friends email. Premise is the attendance of the annual Dayton Amateur Radio Convention.

Interesting. Your’s is the third email I’ve read this morning that mentions chocolate milk. And no, I don’t know anyone else who imitates slow scan television; stands outside in a hail storm and looks UP; has Cheerios and a glass of Chocolate Milk EVERYDAY of his life, for breakfast, excepting Dayton weekend.

So this year is the first time since 1993 that I won’t be in attendance. There’s a lot that I’ll miss. Things like going to dinner with everyone and the impromptu meetings for lunch. I’ll miss the fun on the drive out, everyone walking room to room saying hi, walking to the Cracker Barrel and buying candy, people watching, touring the Air Force museum, the group photos taken Sunday on the way home, regrouping at the hotel at the end of the day and sorting through all of the newly acquired stuff, all things blinky and shiny, and meeting up with old friends. The past few years it’s been all about hanging out with the people more than the convention. I’ll miss the tradition of it, if nothing else.

I really won’t miss the rednecky, smelly, fat, hairy, nasty men staring at me like I was lunch, getting up (and making sure everyone else is awake) early only to stand around for an hour, the overall smell (stank?) in the air, having to maintain radio silence when the secret frequency is stumbled upon, the need for a blindfold, earplugs, and headphones to get some sleep at night, the chicks in bikinis exploiting themselves on these types of men to make a buck, the scummy men who flock to and talk up said bikini chick (newsflash – she’s only talking to you and smiling at you because she’s getting PAID. Just like a hooker.), standing at a vendor for an effen eternity while a needed computer part is looked at, discussed, dealt, and bought, not having ANY privacy, the lemmings wearing their free baseball caps, getting smooshed in the crowd while trying to pass through a building, not doing anything in the evening besides sitting around and watching TV, and the hotel not having any exercise room (when your routine consists of working out nearly every day, it’s tough to be out of synch like that. I’ll take a treadmill or a Stairmaster over popcorn and cookies in the lobby any day).

We should’ve had a scavenger hunt each year. You know, pair up and spend two days hunting and have the prize awarded at dinner on Saturday night. Sunday would be the winners’ day to gloat.