Monthly Archives: June 2007

Just a tease

An Erlangen street, taken on the first day there. More to come, I promise!



Finally got some sleep last night after a week’s worth of trying. There were no construction trucks unloading equipment at midnight (like Wednesday), no cement trucks pouring cement at 6 am (like Thursday), and no irritating phone calls at 5:45 am (like Saturday). Sleep is good.

I’m getting ready to ride the bike trail that runs along the canal. That is if anyone working here ever shows up at the front desk to get me a bike. It’s a nice place, but people disappear like bugs under a rock when it’s picked up. I’m tired of waiting and just want to go!

Toured Bamberg in the rain yesterday. It’s been raining on and off for a few days now, and it’s left me hoping for a day of dry shoes. Today looks promising — sunny and clear. Let’s all hope it stays this way.

*sigh* Posting pictures would be such a great thing to do right now…

Katzen snacken

The pedestrain zone of Erlangen as seen through my camera. (trial 2 for upload)

Upload denied. Scheisse.

Ventured to a few stores before dinner this evening and bought a few things, so all is good. Frustrated that I can’t upload any pictures, though. Grrr.

Battery is dying! Oh no! Hilfe!! Hilfe!! Hilf-


There’s a ß key! And the z and y are backwards. I never realized how much I leaned toward the touch-typest end of the spectrum until some keys were swapped. Sheesh.

Off to explore Nürnberg (look at that, only the second paragraph I needed the umlaut key!) today, as soon as I figure out the bus schedule. Already sampled Nürnberg sausage and liked it; time to move on to the city. Ok, so that’s not the real driving force behind the visit, but good food never hurts.

Speaking of food, I had an amazing breakfast. The fruit tasted as it should, the yogurt was delicious, and the coffee was enough to wake my tired, jet-lagged ass up. For the most part, anyway.

The ratings so far:
Food: Excellent. Everybody should visit Germay, if only to eat.
Jet lag factor: Ugh, HORRIBLE. Unless one likes being awake for hours in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.
People: Very nice this morning. Not very helpful yesterday.
Weather: Looks good so far. Cool and sunny.

More later, maybe a pic or two. I’m on the hotel PC in the lobby. (I can connect the laptop as long as it can do wired internet; there’s no wireless in the lobby or in my room.)

Waiting,uh,round three?!

Two days later, but back at the gate, waiting to get to Philadelphia. Weather looks a lot better today, plus I have a lot more time in between flights, just in case.

Two people at the gate just missed their flight. It was pretty funny to see a 60-something year old man yell “it’s not fair!”. I guess it wasn’t his fault that they didn’t respond to the multiple pages for them to come to the gate. HA!