Monthly Archives: July 2007

I can has kleenex?

Cairo the sickTempKitter and her runny nose. (And look at the toes!)




Maisy gets it!

Cairo gets it!

Corri was too busy chewing on my pants to catch the camera strap.


Tempkitty = tempkittens! Three of them, all around two months old and all black. One has a wee bit of white under the chin, one is fuzzy, and one has big ears. Their paperwork says that one of them is an unneutered male, but I have three spayed little girls. (There’s been mistakes before, however, and the vets tried to spay a male – to the point of making the abdominal incision. I haven’t checked around any ‘tocks, but everyone has shaved and stitched tummies.) They need to be named.

(Not a great photo, I know, but YOU try to get three hyper kits to be still AT THE SAME time!)

Beautiful eyes on this little girl!