Monthly Archives: July 2007

I can has kleenex?

Cairo the sickTempKitter and her runny nose. (And look at the toes!)



Tempkitty = tempkittens! Three of them, all around two months old and all black. One has a wee bit of white under the chin, one is fuzzy, and one has big ears. Their paperwork says that one of them is an unneutered male, but I have three spayed little girls. (There’s been mistakes before, however, and the vets tried to spay a male – to the point of making the abdominal incision. I haven’t checked around any ‘tocks, but everyone has shaved and stitched tummies.) They need to be named.

(Not a great photo, I know, but YOU try to get three hyper kits to be still AT THE SAME time!)

Beautiful eyes on this little girl!