Monthly Archives: September 2007

I has a car!

I have a new car! It’s a 2007 Mini Cooper, red with white bonnet and two white stripes. Dark grey and black inside. Six speed. Photos are forthcoming, I promise. I just really, really hope the credit union sends the check as they said they would, becuse as it stands right now, I don’t have the twenty-some thousand dollars in my checking account to cover the check I wrote to the dealership.

Hey FlugVogel – what’s your work schedule like? Any time off soon? I’m thinking I need a ROAD TRIP!!

UPDATE: Runflat tires really do just that. And tomorrow I have to find a place to plug a hole. Grrr…


The Apartment, part 2

I did a lot of work at the apartment yesterday, cleaning and moving the last of things, and spent a little while reminiscing (and almost being sad). Seeing the place empty made me think of the first few months in there and how much promise it seemed to hold. Cliff showed up a week after I moved in and we put a lot into the place; we’ve been through a lot together.

I like it better empty. I like the feelings it causes and the memories it stirs from seeing it that way. I want to look back and say that I liked it, it was a good apartment, and that we had happy times there.

While I was moving the majority of my things last weekend, one of my upstairs neighbors (who had her car wheels stolen) stuck her head in and wished me happiness and good luck in the future. It was a very nice thing to have experienced. She’s a good person and a good neighbor; I hope the future tenant of my apartment recognizes this. I also hope the future tenant keeps a look out on Helen next door (she’s 88!) and Bear and his family, too. They may never know it, but I kept an eye on things to make sure everything was ok. And I really enjoyed having them as neighbors.



Ever have this problem:

Or maybe:

Kitty: “OH HAI. Umm… I maded ur TP eezier for usings. Jus pik up peese or 2! No moar rollin an rollin offa da roll! Whassamattirwifit?! nk den…” *run under bed an stay for while..*

To stop things like this from happening, IKEA introduces the Anti-Katt TP roll protector:

(Look closely, it’s a ziptie around the roll!)

Things I Dislike

1. dull scissors and knives
2. white chocolate
3. getting fuel for my car
4. seeing a dog’s penis (red rocket FTL!)
5. clear packing tape and how it never works right
6. toilet paper that is too soft and squishy
7. dry hands
8. flat finish paint
9. crying (!!)
10. the skin formed on warmed milk, pudding, gravy, etc…
11. frayed marker tips
12. plastic anything
13. places that don’t give you the option of recycling
14. grocery stores at lunchtime on weekdays
15. the millisecond between kicking something and actual pain in which you can do nothing but anticipate the upcoming pain
16. “jokes”
17. pieces of gum in my purse that unwrap and adhere everything else.
18. surgery (or anything bloody) on television
19. fitness magazines
20. small beverage cups used on airplanes (see 12 re plastic)
21. people who tip badly. If you don’t want to tip, eat at home. If you don’t tip enough, it embarasses the person with whom you are dining.
22. trying to clean up grated cheese
23. the weird chunks of fat that cling to raw chicken skin *shudder*
24. wine glasses in any color other than clear and in any material other than crystal
25. the fact that GladWare plastic containers NEVER EVER dry all the way in the dishwasher
26. insects that can jump
27. insects that can fly
28. “What kind of music do you like?”
29. people who let TV rule their life
30. Harry and David and their relentless catalog sending
31. people who don’t drive right and pass left
32. poorly timed phone calls that need to be taken
33. salad dressing
34. stores with pun-laden names (e.g. Curl Up and Dye – a hair salon)
35. the smell of dirty kitchen sponges
36. wallpaper
37. not being able to use the number pad to type numbers
38. clothing tags
39. pink wine
40. men with long hair
41. driving behind huge SUVs, trucks, minivans in traffic and not being able to see what’s going on in order to anticipate the need to change lanes, etc.
42. the social irresponsibility of one person driving a 20 foot long SUV
43. those ducks with the red, fleshy, tumor things on top of their heads
44. Jell-o
45. mandatory fun
46. nails on: terra cotta, dull paint, shiny textbook paper
47. grape flavored anything
48. paper plates
49. panty hose
50. feeling like the official small talk keeper-upper in an awkward situation