Monthly Archives: February 2008

Hello, Internets? Cheer me up, please.


Poetry Corner with Cliff

Ode to Urp

Maybe it’s food?
Maybe it’s dirt?
Maybe it’s the three day old chicken wing dug outta the trash
I had for dessert?

Yak, yak, cough!
Hack, hack, spit!
Just be glad
It isn’t shit.

On the floor,
On the rug,
Where ever I leave it,
I am smug.

Cat Haiku

Butter dish sitting
On the counter, taunting me.
I must get it now.

The door is closed! How
Will I ever get inside?
Meer! Meer! Meer! Meer! Meer!

The door isn’t open!
I must be outside right now!
Meer! Meer! Meer! Meer! Meer!

Curled in down blanket
Basking in the sun’s warm glow
More food would be nice.

At five am, the
cat has the hunger. He needs
to shut the hell up.
-me, the tired keeper of the cats