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Euro 2008…

FTL. AT least for Germany.

The best team of the day did win, though I’d hoped for a better match. Germany really didn’t play the way the could have.



Maus Arsch

One of my ferals left the back half of a mouse on the patio last night. It wasn’t a gift since it was left lying in a pile of helf eaten, vomited cat food. Gross.

Germany versus Spain on Sunday for EM finals! Woo!


Snagged this from another website because I felt it to be too perfect.

“This year my birthday resolutions list only has one item on it: Every day for the rest of my life spend at least three minutes having fun.”

I don’t think I’m waiting for my birthday, though. It’s going to be a Monday resolution.

Or so I thought…

I thought I was done with Philadelphia nostalgia, but it’s still in my head. I visited with some friends today and upon entering their new apartment, I was immediately transported back to my old place in Philly. The entryway had the same general smell. The tile on the kitchen floor was eerily similar. The carpets and walls were the same color. It had the same feel of my place. It was comforting in a way, being surrounded by a place that’s been on my mind so much as of late. While I don’t want to go back to that period in my life, a brief trip to somewhere evoking all the pleasant memories is nice.

We headed out for some shopping. It’d been almost year since I’ve been out shopping specifically for clothes for myself; I got a few things at more than fair prices. The best part was lunch. We found a shop that made sandwiches to your liking, e.g. instead of the chicken cheesesteak with provolone, grilled onions and peppers, and ranch dressing, I was able to order a chicken cheesesteak with American cheese and hot peppers. Short of making them myself, it was the best cheesesteak I’ve had around here.

For more on where to get a good cheesesteak click here.

Finishing Philly

So… South Street.

Take an art district, a shopping area, a street lined with restaurants, clubs, and bars, and add some historical significance and you may come close to the mix of places on South Street.  It was easily the best place to people watch.  It was also the best place to find a carriage ride, an adult toy store, or a hat.  (No, seriously.  Hats in the Belfry is an awesome store if you’re of the hat wearing persuasion.)  I’d spend most of the evening walking, browsing and taking in the atmosphere.  Many bars had a balcony overlooking the street and were perfect for sitting and sipping while not missing anything.

But, after tubing and car fires and traffic and South Street one thing still stands out in my mind — the diner.

I’d never been to a diner until I moved to Philadelphia.  One trip (Route 13 Diner, rest in peace uh, ashes) and I was hooked. Pittsburgh has Ritter’s, probably the closest thing to a real diner, and lots of breakfast places like Pamela’s and JoJo’s and DeLuca’s, but they’re not the same.  They need nearly limitless menus and all night/all day food service.  They need a foreign family running things.  They need grilled cinnamon buns.

Ok, ok, so those were at my all-time favorite diner, the Cape May Courthouse Diner, in Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey, and not at any of my Philly faves, but the Route 13 diner had amazing cheesecake.  And the blue Fountain Diner in Langhorne had tabletop jukeboxes.  And really good soup.

And instead of visiting the real Liberty Bell, take a trip to the Philadelphia airport and check out the full-size reproduction made out of Lego bricks.  It’s much more impressive.

Phun in Philly, part two

A great way to spend an afternoon is to go tubing down the Delaware River.  What happens is you give the tour group money and they drive you upstream a few miles and give you an inflated doughnut style tube.  You get in the water, sit in the tube, and float down the river, occasionally looking at the map printed on the tube so you don’t miss the landmarks.


The first time I did this the area was suffering through a horrible drought.  Tubing was very slow and I kept bouncing off of the river bottom due to shallow water.  At the approximate location of George Washington’s crossing, the water was maybe a foot deep.  I had to wonder about the historical significance of this seeing as how it was like walking through a wet parking lot, but, well, you know, drought and all, different circumstances, etc.


On one of the next times out things were much faster.  It’d been a raining for a week or so, and water was four feet above normal.  Since it was flowing faster, what would typically be a six hour float was finished in about two.


Our party of three was happily floating along when I noticed something upriver that appeared to be occasionally surfacing and dipping back below the water.  I didn’t like the looks of it, but then again, I wasn’t all that thrilled to be in the water.  Sure, tubing is fun, but when water isn’t one of your favorite things in which to be, even the calmest day is a bit unsettling.


So this randomly re-appearing thing is gaining on us.  I pointed it out to the rest of the group and they weren’t concerned at all.  There was a lot of debris in the water due to the rains and that was their explanation.  They were curious, of course, but had not started thinking about a backup, get-the-hell-out-of-here plan as I had. 


My plan was to climb up onto my tube so as little of my body was in the water.  After all, this thing – which couldn’t have been floating because if it was floating as we were, it wouldn’t be gaining on us as it was – was headed straight for us.  So it gets closer and closer and bigger and bigger, and the others are really wondering what it is.  They’re finally starting to get a little weirded out by it when it’s about 15 feet away from us and disappears.  I made for plan B, or climbing on the tube, and as I’m hoisting myself up, I feel something propel me up by my feet.  Whatever this thing was, it was touching me, and was strong enough to move me.  My initial thought was that on of my jackass friends was messing with me and going for my feet to scare me.  It wasn’t them, though.  It was this thing, this water demon from the river, and it was around me.  It touched me.  I was beyond freaked out.


It still hadn’t surfaced.  


We were waiting.


And waiting.

And waiting.


Finally it surfaced.

It was a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood, flipping end over end in the water, gaining speed at each broadside in the current.


Good time, I tell you.  Good times.