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Turkey Day!

If you’re coming to my house for Thanksgiving, you can be thankful I’m not making this.

Or these.

Or these.

Or these.

Your welcome. 


A Happy Ending

Animal Rescue League of Western PA Reunites Missing Dog With Owner- 5 Years After His Disappearance!

Just in Time for the Holidays, a New Jersey Family Welcomes Home Their Beloved Pet, Found as a Stray in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh, PA, – A male dachshund found as a stray in Pittsburgh, PA has been confirmed as the missing family pet of Elda Arguello of Pleasantville, NJ. “Tootsie”, believed to have been stolen from the family’s gated yard, has been missing for nearly five years. Through confirmation via an implanted microchip on the dog, the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania will reunite owner and pet in Harrisburg, PA on Monday, November 24, 2008.

This incredible discovery was made late last week when Edna Colon, daughter of Elda Arguello, responded to a letter that the family received from the shelter in Pittsburgh. All animals brought to the Animal Rescue League are scanned for an implanted microchip when they are brought to the facility. If a microchip exists, the number is checked in a national database and the owner on file is contacted. In this case, the phone number on file did not yield a response. However, the shelter sent a letter to Ms. Arguello and received a return call several days later.

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Funnel Head

I took one of my foster cats, Ginger, to the vet last night. The day before I thought her eye looked a little funky (in a conjunctivitis sort of way) and then a few hours later, BLAMMO it was swollen shut.

We left the clinic with goop for the eye, zithromax for the URI, and a funnel for her head. It’s a soft e-collar, thankfully. She’s sneezy and loud and doesn’t need any sort of amplification device wrapped around the loud end.

Since time was limited, she came to work with me for the evening. She didn’t seem amused to be out in public with her eye-dye stained fur, red swollen eye, and funnel. Poor kitty. Little thing has been through a lot and remains one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met.

CubeNeighborBob’s dog, Colt, found the sitting-outside-onna-railing-to-cool pumpkin pies and ate the pumpkin filling out of them. All SIX of them. Needless to say, Colt is enjoying the seasonal outdoor weather for a while.

It’s amusing to hear other people’s stories regarding what their pet has eaten. Much more so than discovering my cat was doing the eating of objects that weren’t supposed to be eaten.


Regarding the fast spreading wildfire in Santa Barbara county, California:

Helicopter pilots worked through the night, using night vision goggles to drop water on the flames.
(From from

What, aren’t the flames visible from the air?