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About me

A few random facts:

I like shopping in grocery stores in foreign countries.

I do not support Wal-mart, Sam’s Club, Starbucks, or most large chain restaurants.

I’ve had photography published in several magazines and commissioned by an artist in NYC.

I consider my part time and volunteer jobs to be my “real” ones.

I use wax seals on all of my important personal correspondence. (This excludes bills and things of that nature.)

I think the world needs a lot more tolerance, starting with me — I’m intolerant of those who are intolerant.

My favorite poem is “Curiosity” by Alastair Reid.

I speak English and Spanish, a bit of French and German, and am currently studying German, Russian, and Swedish.

I completely believe in Karma, and that your life is a result of the choices you make.

None of my best friends are geographically close to me, save for AK.

I am average height, less than average weight, and my IQ is 138. I celebrate the number of people who meet the same criteria, yet are completely different.

I don’t care about football.

I don’t watch TV. The only reason there is a TV in the house is because AK brought it; I haven’t had a TV in well over 13 years.

My earliest memory is of an event that happened when I was around 2

I’m a voracious reader. Nothing is safe.

I don’t care what your beliefs are, just don’t push them onto me. And just because we don’t agree doesn’t necessarily mean one of us is wrong.

I was supposed to be named Dana Marie.

I would give anything to meet my grandparents.

I am a cat person.

I have a large collection of fountain pens, ranging from very old and expensive to very new and disposable. I use all of the functioning ones.

Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods.

I dream in color.

I could read and write (in cursive) before kindergarten.

I love hats and wear them often.

The places I’ve visited are documented on my Pinterest Board.


one more meow.

Never before has anyone looked into my eyes and said “you just saved that cat’s life, you know.” But then again, I’ve never directly and immediately saved a cat’s life before*.

42 cats and 19 dogs. It was a busy day. 🙂

* Ok, so taking in foster cats DOES indeed save lives, as does giving SQ fluids and hand feeding a sick kitten. But stopping someone from making a fatal mistake while attempting to remove an endotracheal tube just feels… different.

More memos

To: The person/people using my desk after working hours
Re: Smashed tortilla chips

I’m sick of you. You use my office supplies. You use my phone and tangle the cord. You leave my microwave dirty after using it. And now you’ve obliterated a bag of chips, rendering nothing more than tiny shards of undippable corn. Not cool, man. Not. Cool.

I’ve half a mind to set up mousetraps in strategic locations surrounding my desk to teach your wandering and meddlesome fingers a lesson.

To: The constant hammering I’ve been listening to all day, though not by choice
Re: Constant hammering

All day? Really?

To: Riveria Maya
Re: Riveria Maya

I miss you.

Mexico, in words

Mexico was great. To review:

Food: Too much American fare. Way too much Italian-ish food. I didn’t go to Mexico to eat pizza or pasta.

The best dinner was in Puerto Morelos at a place named la Petita, a sand floored, family filled nugget of true Mexican goodness. Ceviche and guacamole, cerveza y horchata (con hielo, and was none the worse for it!), totopos con limon y chili. It was the music that led us there. Serendipity is a wonderful travel companion. I recommend it to anyone to really experience somewhere. Antonio the dive guide, whom we’d asked for a recommendation the day prior, was amazed in a good way we’d eaten there.

Drinks: Plentiful and well made. I’d like the cabana boy to come around right now and take my drink order, actually. (Yes, there was a cabana boy. It was nothing short of awesome.)

Activities: Tequila tasting was lots of fun. Jesus covered the history of Tequila, what makes Tequila Tequila, as compared to a Mezcal, the different types of Tequila, and the best uses for those different types. He had the group sample Sangrita, too. It made me proud.

We didn’t really participate in any other daytime hotel sponsored activities. We spend an afternoon diving and another touring the Mayan ruins/archaeological site of Tulum, though.

Diving: What a reef! Saw a Green Sea Turtle, Spotted Eagle Ray, Yellow Stingray, Southern Stingray, Barracuda, and Moray Eel. The water was cold. Unfortunately, my camera is still in the shop after the accident in Hawaii, so I only had a disposable. The photos aren’t the best, especially in representing the colors of the fan coral.

Tulum: Crowded and small, but beautiful. And lizard-full. I’ve never seen so many free range lizards. The ruins overlooked the beautiful multi-shaded blue water.

Weather: Mid eighties all week. Cool at night. Breezy all the time. In other words, near perfect.

Resort: Nice rooms, strange people. I wasn’t expecting so many industrial swimsuits. Pools were very nice, especially the “European” pool we lounged around. (We were surrounded by Brits, Germans, and Canadians. It. Was. Awesome. No one was swilling beer from a can while sitting near the pool wearing shorts, a tucked in t-shirt, socks, and shoes as they were in the other pools.) The resort was adults only and many guests were there for honeymoons or anniversaries, but the ambiance was generally anything but intimate and romantic. One restaurant and one bar had a snug and intimate feel. Still, it was a nice place, very quiet and relaxing.

Pets: There were two of the cutest little birds in on of the common areas. On the second day there I noticed one bird not leaving the nest, and when it did, the other would take its place. There were four eggs in it! I hoped they would hatch before we left, but they didn’t.

Photos coming, I promise.

And I really want to change my name to Maya.