Monthly Archives: March 2009


Cliff hasn’t been feeling well during the past few weeks and needed to have an ultrasound of his abdomen. It showed some very small, sand-grain-sized stones in his bladder. (Of all the possibilities, this isn’t too bad!) During the test I couldn’t help but laugh at the rabbit.


Cliff is on his back for this view. He loved that. (The area between the two crosses is where the small stones are, BTW.)

Highlighted “bunny” for max visual effect.

Bunny for comparison, image courtesy of Yahoo image search.

And I have another $300 picture of the inside of my cat to add to the collection. Yay.


Day of win and fail

Finding a parking space within a mile of where I needed to be on campus.  WIN

Remembering where that parking space was when it was time to leave.  WIN

Having an umbrella in the car on a rainy day.  WIN 

Not owning any type of rain boots or waterproof shoes for walking a couple of miles in the rain and ending up soaked from shoes to knees.  FAIL

Having to shut the cat in the bedroom with a litter box of Nosorb in a vain attempt to get a urine sample.  FAIL.
(Everyone send positive thoughts for Cliff.  Cliff needs a big WIN.)