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Gardens and memos.

First the memo…

To: The world
Re: Susan Boyle

Why are you so surprised that the “ugly” woman can sing? Because, really? “Ugly” people do great and beautiful things all of the time. (So then, are they really, “ugly”?)

Read more about a cat named Ugly.

Next the garden…

We started the garden last weekend. I don’t know when a garden become more of a farm, but we must be close. Here’s the crop list:

Mint (mojito time!)
Red currant
Concord grape

We don’t grow a lot of vegetables since we belong to a farm co-op.

And more for my reference


Donations and work

The other day at work I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful couple. They were thinking about expanding their feline family and were starting to meet some adoptable cats. I had quite a few from which to choose, ranging from 2 months to 5 1/2 years old. They didn’t adopt that day, but as the were leaving dropped off a donation of food, toys, and cash.

We love donations; everything helps, from a can of cat food to a bottle of bleach. But this donation was different. The CASE of food they bought was a mixed case – there was food for the kittens (lots of food for kittens, as that was the majority of the adoptable felines that day), food for the adults (indoor formula food and food made with low levels of magnesium to aid in urinary health, especially in males. I had a adult male and female that day), and senior cat food for my eldest adoptable cat.

The toys were a bag of kitten friendly foamy-ish balls, a feathered toy, and some fake mice — enough for each feline to have his or her own new toy, plus one extra, “because we know how the kittens are”.

Not only was this couple generous, they took the time to see the cats we had, and they put effort into thinking about and choosing appropriate items for those cats – each and every one of them. I wish every cat I adopt out could go into such a thoughtful, caring home*.

*And to further attest to this, her eldest cat was nursed through a bout of panleukopenia** five years ago – by her – and is still alive today.

** Panleuk is almost always fatal in kittens and is one of the more severe viral infections a cat can have. It’s standard protocol to vaccinate against it starting in kittenhood. So why did her cat get it? Even though Petland said the kitten was up to date on its shots, he wasn’t. She tried to obtain the vaccination records that had been “forgotten to be included in the adoption packet” and then “misplaced”, but had no success. Petland offered to take the cat back but she declined, knowing they would kill him instead of treat him.


Um… fail.

The laugh of the day brought to you by the police blotter published in the Flathead Beacon, Kalispell, Montana:

“10:08 p.m. Someone tried to use snow to put out a truck fire. It didn’t work.”