Monthly Archives: May 2009

Join the Party!

Ice bar at Red Square, in Mandalay Bay. The vodka in the glass is from Kazakhstan (i believe), not the bottle pictured.



From Mix Lounge, atop THE Hotel.


I lost a friend on Monday. He was way too young to die.

Here’s to a life well lived.
to smiles and good times.
to “rattlers”.
to “ya but”s.
to “yeah, sure” and “I do not need this”.
to Feuerzangenbowle.
to ice cream sandwiches.
and to an unforgettable friend.

I’ll never forget you, Pfundi.

Memo from Cliff

To: the hooman that feeds me
Re: nip! nip! nipnipnip!

i know ur nip plants was just big enuff to move outside, but they smelld soso gud and looked so pritty… so I eated them. Its nip and its yummy and i’m not sorry. I can has catfud now? ‘Cause teh munchies, I has them.