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Someone found a very fresh kitter and stopped by for advice. Li’l Kit weighed 0.55 ounces.

: The people brought her in so they could keep her warm while they were getting her a bottle and formula. She stands a much, much better chance now that someone is caring for her. On her own she would have surely died.

She still had her umbilical cord attached, though it was readying itself to fall off.

I held her for a bit while we were gathering supplies. She was squirming so when I had to shift her in my hand I scruffed her (which is how her momma would’ve carried her). She felt that and started mewing like crazy and trying to suckle my finger.

I’ve named her Chance.


Adopt us!

Yin (foreground) and Yang (background)

Update: We picked our forever home! Purrs to all…

I have three inches of standing water where my grass should be, it’s still raining, two neighbors are pumping out their basement via fire engine, and the jackass lawn maintainance man is mowing.

What. The. Fuck.

Storm damage

Home from pumping out my parents basement. It’s not dry but at least most of the standing water is gone. The kitchen is drying out, too. They don’t have to evacuate, which is awesome since my mum just had surgery today and is laid up.

My roof has stopped leaking and the flood in the back yard stopped an inch short of the door. Hooray! The power is flickering like it wants to come on, too. And my phone decided to start working again.

Most of the plants in the side garden survived. The ones in the back weren’t so lucky. From what I saw in the flashlight’s beam, most of my mulch is strewn acrost the yards of four neighbors. Good thing I’ve warmed up my back muscles with all the work today — that’s a lot of raking!


There were several funnel clouds spotted across the area this evening, the closest of which was a little less than two miles away. The warnings are all over now… But the rain is still falling. The two main roads nearby are still flooded. Hopefully they’ll reopen by morning.

This is the fifth time I’ve had to play a major role in cleaning up water damage. I’m about sick of it. Does it always have to happen when I’m the one who’s home to deal with all of the clean up?!

Shit. Now that it’s calming down for the night I’m trying not to cry.



From this cute little kitter:
Jubi und Maus

To this handsome fellow, on the left/bottom:

Yay, Jubi! Now known as Loki, he spends all of his time with his new brother and best friend Myran.

Software Update, uh… Windows style?

So I installed a software update a few weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. Safari crashes every two minutes or so. NOT good when you’re taking an online class. There have been several additional updates to enhance stability, but none have worked for me. I’ve finally had it and installed Firefox. So far, so good, except that text looks funny.

Damn, Apple. Why’d you have to get all Windows-like with your updates?

ETA: I just checked for software updates and Safari 4 is available. It wasn’t 30 minutes ago. Ha ha?)