The Taxidermy Mouse:

Amazing? Gross? Discuss.

(Directions to make your own are available at Instructables.com)


5 thoughts on “what.

  1. Anonymous

    Unless I was absolutely sure of the history of the mouse, (was it a lab mouse, wild mouse, or house mouse), chances are I would totally avoid touching that thing!!! Even if the thing is deceased and taxidermied, methinks some evil micro-organism could be lurking in there somewhere. Sorta remniscient of the Black Plaque…! I may be Bowman, but I still don’t like dead critters, unless they are 3D-Foam! Bowman

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like a VERY TWISTED version of a Dairy Queen….

    Question for you: IS THAT YOURS? If not, WOULD YOU OWN ONE???!!!

    Yeah, necessity is the mother of invention. And you can always build a better mousetrap. However, using a formerly living critter as a “mouse” somehow makes me wonder what else may be “formerly living” in the inventor’s house.

    “Norman, IS THAT YOU, Norman??” “Coming, Mother…”


  3. The Canadian Cats

    hahaha….that mouse looks exactly like the presents I’ve been leaving for mom at the back door. Good taxidermy job. However, I don’t think we need stuffed ones here when we have the real ones. This year has been a marvelous year for mice…I never caught so many.
    Anonymous reply to you was hilarious…I’m still snickering.



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