Monthly Archives: August 2009

Then and Now, Riley edition.

August 5th was Riley day – the day he found his forever home. I can’t believe it’s been a year…

Riley then.

Riley now. That’s his big sister Turtle in the foreground. He’s Big!


Tom cat

Tom cat, a wonderful guy who was given to the shelter because his human traveled too much and didn’t have enough time for him, died the other day. Though I only knew him for a little while, his death has left a big hole in my heart. A big, 20 pound hole -a hole the size of Tom.

Tom’s last day included a “bath” with waterless cat shampoo in catnip scent, a claw trim, paw pad massage with pad balm, and lots of combing and brushing. Tom loved to be brushed and rubbed, loved to be with people. And he seemed to enjoy the nip foam, as well.  He purred every time I was near him, especially during his last days. He got to enjoy the sunshine for a bit, purring all the while, and passed peacefully in his sleep very early Saturday morning.

(I was lying awake, unable to sleep, sometime after midnight.  I couldn’t get him off of my mind.  In an instant, an incredible sadness filled my heart.  After a moment, the sadness was replaced by peacefulness.)

I wish there was more I could have done for him, but loving him when he needed it most was good for him – at least, that’s what a furry fuzzy little voice seems to keep whispering into my ear.

Tom.  Always loved and never to be forgotten.  Especially the way one of his back claws would snag whatever he was lying on, and how cute the smudge under his nose was.