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I said goodbye to a friend and colleague today. Tabitha has been at the shelter for at least 15 years, since showing up as a feral kitten. She got her distinctive look from surviving a dog attack. Tab loved to play in the shredded degu paper, as well as helping herself to employee food and drinks left on the desks. Oh, and walking on keyboards. Tab LOVED to walk across keyboards. And being fussed over. She was much better at customer relations than office work.

On one of my earliest shifts as a volunteer I saw a cat walking the halls. Upon alerting my mentor I was told not to worry, “That’s Tabitha the shelter cat. If she’s out here, she’s looking for food or water because her bowls are empty”. Tab knew that a quick jump into a cage being cleaned would yield food or water, and attention. Several times after that, while I was mentoring new volunteers, the same situation played itself out, only I was the one introducing Tab to the new volunteer.

She and I shared her favorite food for lunch, KFC. Girlfriend snapped straight out of her afternoon nap when she smelled it! While it’s never been my favorite, I have a spot in my heart for it now – right next to Tabitha.

Goodbye, dear friend. May you continue to bring joy to those around you and teach them the lesson that a turned back leads to a missing lunch. I love you, sweet girl. Rest in peace.


The boss
*I don’t know why LJ keeps turning this photo, and I don’t have the patience to find out. I’ll fix it later.*