Monthly Archives: February 2010

Gut feeling

I’ve been having some health issues lately. It’s nothing major and something which with I’ve dealt before, but this time it seemed to be unfounded.

Until today.

The mail came and so did something that had triggered this before, just usually in the opposite order.

I’m pissed. If I ever get the chance to deal with this in person, it’s gonna regret the day it came into my life.

The Nazis lost that war, too.


Snow. Schnee. Neige. През зимата. Śnieg. Nieve. Snö.

I haven’t seen this much since ’93. Crazy. I don’t think I’ve had this many snow days from school since then, either. I’ve been lucky – our power has stayed on, I haven’t been stuck or stranded anywhere, and my shovel hasn’t broken. Yet.

Maisy had a vet visit this morning, and getting home was a little tricky. But we made it, no worse for wear. Save the tires. There may be some wear on those snow tires, but that’s ok.

I’m done shoveling. The driveway isn’t clear, but I tossed some rock salt halite blend ice remover on the middle of it came inside. Enough for now (read: eff it.)

We’ve had an invasion of European Starlings. They’re invasive, and I don’t like them. I don’t think they’re overly bright, either, due to the number of times they’ve flown into the windows. As I was typing the sentence about shoveling, one hit the window to the loft and KEPT trying to fly through it even though it couldn’t make it. It gave up after three or four seconds, but three or four seconds is a long time to repeatedly thrash yourself against glass.

llegaste tú

To: Feral Cat Pixel
Re: snowstorm

Nothing keeps you away, little one! You really are Pixel-the-Brave. I didn’t doubt your return home, but with two feet of snow on the ground and more on the way, I did worry for you.

To: iTunes
Re: Intocable’s “Por Ella” track

Why did you lose it? And where’s the reimbursement? That’s what I thought. Better be careful – you’re acting very un-apple like. Wouldn’t want you getting confused with the other guys.

O Hai, blog!

(From FB) A friend of an old friend “is happy to announce that [the old friend] finally got clean, matching socks to wear to work this morning. Pants are still dirty, but the socks are clean.”

And knowing the old friend, it’s completely and totally serious.

*shaking head* The things people are proud of…


I picked up a copy of a book that had been on my to-read list for several years, Urban Tails by Knox and Neely. I remember liking the photography when I first found it, but remember nothing about the stories contained within – specifically, how sad they were. I read it last night and was unbelievably down afterward.

I don’t know whats it’s been lately, but happiness has been coming up short. (SAD, maybe?) I can has joie de vivre? Plz?