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Plz to turn uprites??!


Manna from Heaven

I haz katfud.!!!11!

I had help changing the food in the automatic feeder.  He probably could have made it a quarter of the way through, had I let him.

Cat show

The best division is Household Pets.

Yesterday, one of the contestants had rounded ears, looking much like a Scottish Fold, sans fold. As the awards were being given, the judge asked each kitty’s name and explained a bit about the genetics of the coat color. When this kitty was up for its award, she asked its name and then, “What happened to this kitty’s ears?”

“They were frostbitten when we dug him out of the dumpster”, replied the owner. “The necrotic tissue had to be removed.”

From thrown away to sixth best in show. Congrats, Kitty.


Cliff has hit an all-time high of 21 pounds. Currently, he’s on a prescription diet to ward off bladder stones. His daily intake has been calculated to match that of the previous diet food he’d been eating, in the amount needed to reach a target weight of 15 pounds. He gained weight. Pretty soon he’s going to need his own zip code.

I met with the vet this morning, and we decided upon a two-fold process. His feedings are timed and portion controlled, however, he’s found a way to manipulate the feeder. So step one is trying to figure out how to attach a door (or something) to keep meddling paws out of the feeder. Step two is a different prescription food, having had slight success with the prescription R/D food in the past. This M/D formula is akin to Atkins – very low carb and high protein.

Currently, he’s whining for his lunch. Unfortunately, lunch isn’t going to happen until dinner time.

Poor Cliff. He hates change more than any cat I’ve met. I hope he adjusts to this quickly!

In twelve hours, I’ll be at the airport. The hardest part will be leaving the house, leaving the cats. I have an excellent catsitter, it’s more the idea of leaving them. Once we leave the house, things’ll be easier.

Caturday rocks.

Until then, stay amused:

And the Piece de resistance:

If you only watch one, watch this one. You will never hear this song in the same way.

No Kill Communities vs No Kill Shelters – and why confusing the two endangers the movement

via Kc dog blog

MSN had an article last week (editor’s update: the article was actually written last summer, but just popped up on my MSN last week, which is odd — go MSN) about how, as a country, we may be coming close to becoming a No Kill Nation. While the article was mostly good, there was one big thing that stuck out at me in the article that is bugging me.

I’m tired of there being talk about no kill shelters. It is time we make the conversation about being no kill communities instead.

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Calico Jack

Calico Jack in the post-op area of the previous HCMT clinic. He’s a genetic rarity, and has two x chromosomes that give him his coloring. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it!