Monthly Archives: April 2010


Ugh. Trying to wade through this study material for the last final this term. It’s hard to read with its grammatical and typographical errors. And I already KNOW how the test is going to be — study and remember a couple hundred facts, only to have ten percent of then on the test. The big problem? If you can’t remember that ten percent, you’re completely fucked, even if you KNOW the other 90 percent of the material.

I already have 20 extra credit points. They’re offsetting a test I failed already. There’s a chance for 30 more in two essays at the end of the test. Unfortunately, she didn’t give any indication as to the subject matter of the essays.

If there’s a need for 50 extra credit points in your class, maybe something needs to be re-evaluated. Like teaching competency, material, structure. SOMETHING.

One of the cats will not shut up. It’s so unbelievably annoying, especially since I’m terribly annoyed right now. He’s been loved, fed, brushed, and played with. He’s not sick and won’t sit on my lap. He just won’t shut up.

I’m trying to make plans to see a friend of mine this weekend. However, AK hasn’t been on the phone with me long enough (he’s out of town this week) for me to even bring it up, let alone discuss it. Is a phone call longer than one minute too much to ask for? At least once through the week? When I call, there’s no answer.

I didn’t get to tell him about a friend’s engagement. Or that I finished the edging in the front of the house. Or that my knee is borked, and the rest of my hockey season will consist largely of therapy, and if that doesn’t work, surgery.

I have a (nearly) a week off next week before summer classes start. Too bad he’ll be gone for that week, too. It’s probably just as well, since I feel like I’m coming down with a URI.

I have a lot planned, though. Washing walls, conditioning floors – you know, the big-time cleaning projects that seem to get shelved all of the time. They really need done now, though.

Did I say I’m struggling though this study material? And that I’ve already gotten an email about a class I’m taking next term, requesting me to read the stuff online already? I’m not even finished with this term, haven’t sold books back, haven’t even looked for the books I need for next term, or found the other class I need to get enough credits for the summer. Forget a week – I’ll be lucky to have a day away from things school related.


Katze! Aus Deutschland!


Ambrose came from Stuttgart, Germany, and can’t go with his family to their new home. He’s a one year old sweetheart who has traveled further than some people I know.

I tried talking to him in German, but his response was the same: Meeeeooooow! 🙂