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Crawfish Boil


I’ve never had crawfish before. They were delicious. They only thing that could have made the day better would have been sun. Alas, the garage worked fine to house the crowd.

Mmmm… mudbugs.

Fuzzy mudbug. Blurriness had no effect on its deliciousness.

I hope to get some more photos from people who took them. My iPhone ended up under a pile of shells and heads, sans photos.

The most interesting thing I heard was, "I walked upstairs and there’s beer all over two walls and in a huge puddle on the floor, with blood trailing from it." I don’t know who spilled the beer, but the blood was all me. Super sharp knife + many hurricanes = severely sliced thumb. It could’ve used a stitch or four.

So. Hurricanes. Yeah. Nothing opens the door for captain hangover like Pat O’Brien’s hurricane mix. Cheap kool-aid and rum. Awesome. (Read: I can’t drink like I used to.)

To: My Liver
Re: Apology

No more hurricanes. Before you quit, note that I did not drink all five bottles of rum, nor did I have much to do with the Jagermiester. How about some Siberian milk thistle?


I’ll post more soon, most likely as I remember it, but for right now, that’s all I got.



(9:50pm, Monday May 10.)

Pixel is the shyest scardey cat of the feral bunch, however, she’ll come to me for headbonks and back scratches, and occasionally roll around for a tummy rub. She has a beautiful purr and loves to play with cat toys. She only comes around at night.

After I freshened her food and water, I knelt down in the doorway to give her attention. The yard was dark; nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She was nearly close enough to my hand for a headbonk when we both heard a faint, soft rustling in the yard (yards?) above us. She backed away to get a better view of what it was. My creepy neighbor from two door down was out in the yard. (I’ve posted about him before, only I can’t find the entry to link.) I assume he was taking his tomato/weed plants inside, but he didn’t have any lights on, so I can’t say for certain. It stands to reason, though. Anyway, before I could entertain a second thought, Pixel looks at me, looks at him, and emits the lowest, scariest growl I have ever heard, then runs off the patio and around the house, into the bushes. No hissing. No posturing. Just the kind of growl that I imagine you may get if you tried to take a steak away from a feral dog. The “I mean Business” type of growl. She… Doesn’t Like Him.

I’d talked myself out of thinking him to be creepy. Pixel’s reaction made me double check the locks on my door and windows.

On a brighter note, somewhere during the last week of April, I tossed a ball onto the patio for Pixel to play with. (Whenever Maya is inside, she digs toys out of their tray to play with. Pixel looks in the window and sees Maya batting fuzzy and sparkly objects of sheer cat joy around the floor and looks jealous.) She loved it, and played like an eight week old kitten!

I left it out all night with her, but took it inside to wash the next morning. Since it was still damp that evening, I gave her a little blue felt mouse toy. Again, lots of playing, although the following morning I found the blue felt mouse in front of the door next to three-quarters of a dead mole, lined up like / /.

I saw it as a gift and thanked her. And then I laughed, thinking of what was going through her mind, bringing me a mouse like that: “I KNOW how to do this, I don’t need to practice with THAT”, or maybe, “Here. You need to practice on THIS of that’s all you got inside.” Maybe even, “Look! The blue fun mouse helped me catch THIS!”

Random Pfundi. Nicht sehr random??

Tuesday, May 4, 6:47pm, (message from) Randy Davis:
Hope you are feeling a little better today. Hanging out by one’s self does get old after awhile; it just exacerbates most everything. But, it IS sunny out, and the clouds are big enough to carry an imagination…

Aloha, from out of the blue…


Tuesday, throughout the day:
(Listening to Forever Young in the car running errands, after spending the afternoon in the Porsche and going to the Hofbrauhaus)

May 4, 7:9pm, (reply to message) Me:
That’s a very synchronous aloha. It’s the one year anniversary of our friend Stefan’s death; Hawaii was his favorite place, his memorial group is called “Aloha Pfundi”.

Thanks for the aloha. 🙂

Tuesday, May 5, 6:39pm, Randy Davis (status post):
Many miles away, there’s a shadow on the door, on a cottage by the shore, of a dark, Scottish lock.
Tuesday at 6:39pm

Tuesday at 7:44pm, Melissa Trax (comment to post):
Ok, really?! I saw this AFTER I replied to your message. Now we’re at a synchronous synchronicity…

Tuesday at 8:05pm Randy Davis (Comment to my reply):
I really had no plan to message you, but something in my head just said to do so. And the above words have been spinning around there, too. Things work out…for reasons we have no clue about. But, I bet Stefan would totally understand, and you KNOW HE IS SMILING, and looking out for you…. Aloha, Mein Freund!

Tuesday at 8:12pm Melissa Trax (comment to reply):
And to add to it, the song that reminds me most of him – that I’ve been listening to all day – was sent around to all of us by another friend of his. 🙂

Wednesday, May 5, 6:30pm (message):
I just was on Youtube listening to a posting by “pinofluvius”, Forever Young Alphaville (Fingerstyle), and then by chance came to my Facebook wall page to see your posting about Forever Young. There seems to be a strong presence influencing a music commonality going on. Please give a listen to the pinofluvius version…he is actually musician Martin Tallstrom. I think you will enjoy it…. Let me know what you think…

Wednesday, May 5, 6:38pm (email from Adam):
So went to the center of the northern western hemisphere yesterday! Whooohoo! We drove through a nasty little down pour, but when we got through there were two great rainbows. Never saw anything like it.

Wednesday, May 6, 6:47pm (reply to message):
That’s beautiful.

I imagine listening to it outside on a day like today and sharing it with one or two special people. Much more intimate than the album version! I usually listen to the dance remix of forever young – not only is it longer, it’s a bit happier, as well.

I don’t know if you were able to see the entire FY posting since Aloha Pfundi is a private group. Michael posted the video, as well as the lyrics, as such:

es gibt viele Erinnerungen an dich und Forever Young ist eine davon. (there is is many memories of you and Forever Young one of them)

His reply to my comment:
Hi Melissa, Actually we have been kind of growing up with Alphaville and this song was one of the many many songs Pfundi liked. I can remember that we have sung this a couple of times in his old VW bus… it feels good to share and learn bits and bits of the different memories …

I know the song from the first time my friend Nina was in the states from Sweden, in 1995. She had it on one of her cassette mixtapes, and we listened to it a lot. It was very popular in the Swedish discos at that time – they ended each dance night with it. When she left she left her tapes with me. I ruined them by listening to it so much, but found the CD a few years later.

Oddly enough, this is the fourth distinct time it’s come up in recent weeks. A rap singer has remade it; the first time I heard it, I sent a note to Nina regarding its atrociousness. I cracked a windshield the other day, and in an email to someone who is fast becoming a new friend of mine, I tried to blame the remix for the crack. It turns out that Alphaville is one of my new friend’s favorite bands. And now, there’s this round of Forever Young synchronicities.

Even cooler was Adam’s experiences yesterday. “So went to the center of the northern western hemisphere [45&90 degrees, in Wisconsin] yesterday! We drove through a nasty little down pour, but when we got through there were two great rainbows. Never saw anything like it.”

Stefan loved Hawaii, and got to visit a few months before he died. His favorite song was Israel Kamakawaiwo’ole’s rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. a Wonderful World.

His friends are right. His presence now is stronger than ever. We all feel it, and there’s no denying it.