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Wordless Wednesday: Catch!


Tosca’s Wish

Jubi’s nom


Random to you, memories for me.

Out of context randomness of the week:

“J was going to take the dog and car and drive back to Vegas.”
“Oh, awesome. Though I suspect it to be something like a cross between Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and that Robbie Williams song about the monkey by the time he gets there.”

“Nah, he raided the medicine cabinet and took most of it with him.”

“It took what, less than a week with the four of you together in the same geographical location to have the police called on you?!”
“Yeah, well, at least T’s arm is in one piece this time.”

Me: “Can you actually fire the cannon?”
The above mentioned four, in unison: “NO!”

“Anyone can do the jailhouse hack on an iPhone — it’s easy. Wait, why won’t it turn on?”

“At least they left a nail in the wall.”
“Shh… or else they’ll come back for it.”