Monthly Archives: March 2011


I pay a lot of attention to the news. It’s a habit. I listen and I read, I interact and I discuss, I ponder and I internalize. And I realize that sometimes, a veritable shitstorm plagues a month or so of news.  That has been the case recently:  Missouri wants to repeal child labor laws.  Republicans want women to prove their rape was really forcible enough if they want to avoid carrying their rapist’s child to term. The Governor of Wisconsin thinks his corporate pals should get hefty tax cuts funded by crushing unions.  Georgia wants to criminalize miscarriage, while South Dakota aims to legalize the murder of doctors who perform abortions.  And a disgusting number of self-proclaimed “Christians” think the proper response to the devastation in Japan is something along the lines of, “That’s what they get for not believing in MY Jesus.”

At times like this, I want to resign my membership in the “human” race.


Lego Project Update

I attempted to piece out three kits. Halfway into the first I realized it would be easier to just BUILD the thing instead of wasting so much time on figuring out which pieces I already had in the bag.

It took days to finish one. Rooting through all of the pieces looking for a particular something became boring. I decided to sort the blocks by color, instead.

It took several days to finish this, but now there are gallon-sized Ziplock bags full of homogeneously colored bricks. It’s neat to see, and in my mind, it’s a microcosm of a Lego factory.

Now to get back to sorting/building and bagging!

Washed, Dried, and Ready to Go.

The Lego bricks are washed, dried, and indeed, ready to go.

Drying took longer and was a bit more challenging than I expected it to be. Those little, semi-hollow bricks hold water – a lot of water. It took several days spread out on an oft-changed bed sheet for most of them to be dry, only the pieces that were stuck together remained damp. Of course, I removed the old wheels with metal axles and anything with a sticker to prevent further damage.

The Lego Project

I have 30 years’ worth of Lego bricks in my bathtub.


I reclaimed the bricks from the depths of my parent’s attic last night. We opened the boxes to have a peek at the now unused but oft-spoken of toys, and after making several sluices with my hands through the boxed contents, I realized something about them. Along with rekindling powerful memories, as they did for both me and my parents in their kitchen, the are also… well, just like any other kids’ toys, now and former — They are STICKY.

The wastewater produced by the legos and the all-natural, coconut base surfactant dish soap was greenish-grey. *gag*

The overall goal is to separate the bricks into the original building kits in which they came. It’s an ambitious project, but needs to be done. And it shouldn’t be too hard, so long as my brother doesn’t eat any more of the pieces.

I feel I should speak to the quantity of Lego bricks I have. You know those mesh laundry bags? The ones that hold a good weeks’ worth of clothing? I have one of those FULL of bricks. Not in the bag are two boat hulls and a Lego Travel Tote. I shall weigh them when they dry.