Monthly Archives: May 2011

Aloha Phundi

Sometimes I feel your presence, and welcome it.  Aloha, dear friend.  You are missed.


Young “Volunteer” Suggestions

I’ve had a number of young people inquire about volunteering at my shelter. As with most shelters, volunteers must be 16 at a minimum, leaving little for the younger crowd except for disappointment in hearing “you’re too young”.

There has been one young lady who has made two monetary donations to the cats at my store; the first was the remaining two dollars from her allowance, the next was a donation of her full allowance – $20. That she did it the first time was cute. The second time? Well, that just kind of blew us away. And it got me to thinking and researching for ways for our younger supporters to help. The best and easiest I’ve found thus far are tithing and having an altruistic birthday party.


A child receiving an allowance can learn a valuable lesson if he or she is taught to set away a certain percentage of the funds to donate. Ten percent is a small enough amount that most children won’t miss it; if your child receives $10 a week for allowance, giving up a dollar isn’t that difficult.

Altruistic Birthday Party

This has made the news several times recently. Children and young adults request that their guests bring donations for the local shelter in lieu of gifts. These gifts can include pet food, toys, beds and blankets, and perhaps even the contents of their piggy banks. If kids still have those these days, that is. 😉


I miss you Tom, Wootie, Kate, and Buddy. And all the others from work and from home.

Buddy Katrick, thank you for all of the study help you gave to me. Katie, same goes for you. It hasn’t been the same finishing this work without the two of you keeping me company. I miss you.