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Re: Ayn Rand

“Yeah. She was an upper-middle-class girl whose family business was seized by the Bolsheviks and this lead her to go to America and become a writer who was kind of like… if Batman hated poor people instead of criminals and fought them with 1500 page terrible novels instead of cool custom boomerangs.”




Special… as in, what makes me feel that way.

My best friend asking their partner to marry them while wearing a shirt with a large connection to our friendship. And me noticing, and commenting on said shirt. To be a part of their momentous occasion… and to see true happiness for them is unbelievably special.

My little brother wanted some assistance in planning his proposal. I was lucky enough to help. To know that our plan for using a sock monkey, cat collar, and I.D. tag engraved with the question made her day along with his – that I got to be a part of that – is special

The friends I’ve made online… I don’t know where to begin with this. I assume I can start with subsidiarity – that each individual online has their dignity, which may not always be so strongly present in their day to day lives. This dignity fosters respect with others, which, in turn, fosters community.

There are those who say online friends aren’t real. And “those” are completely wrong.

Personal beliefs are formed by experience, demonstrated by actions, refined by reflection. And most of all, they may change.

As a friend of mine would say, “I’m a bit verklempt right now.” I am, indeed, verklempt rite nao.