Monthly Archives: April 2012

Moo-ve it.

I need milk for my coffee at work. When the half-gallon at home gets low (last quarter to third of the container) I take it in with me. I’m decidedly not in the office enough to dedicate a whole half-gallon of milk to office coffee use.

Yesterday morning, I was down to the sketchy dregs of the container. It smelled like it was going to be bad later in the day, or maybe even within the hour. But I needed milk because I needed coffee. Anyway, after making the morning cup I left juuuuuust enough for my afternoon respite. It wasn’t much at all, maybe two tablespoons, and had I had another option – even powdered – I would’ve tossed it in the trash and went with that. Alas, I stuck the container back on the shelf in the fridge.

One of my interns likes to swipe my coffee creamer, milk, juice, whatever is in the fridge. He just cant *get* that everything in the ridge isn’t communal. (I have two interns, currently. One I absolutely love, who is wicked smart and a hard worker and just delightful. The other…. well, he’s like a puppy. Cute, not too bright, and tough to train. He’s the fridge thief.) You can imagine my surprise when, yesterday afternoon, my milk was drained, container in the trash, and a new container in its place. I know what you’re thinking, but the intern had nothing to do with it.

A colleague likes to clean out the fridge, and clean out day is Thursday. But she was really busy Thursday morning, and hardly left her desk. A few people ran to the market next door, but I can’t picture them buying milk. They’re in the office 3 hours a day and usually just buy their coffee at the market. Was my milk mistaken for an empty container? Did someone use it? Can I use the replacement milk? What if I get caught? Should I use it, in a passive aggressive defensive attack of my fridge space? I didn’t know how to handle this. And I really didn’t know who to ask about it, nor did I want to make a general office announcement regarding the treatment of a tablespoon or two of near-spoilt milk. So I waited.

This morning, The Boss (aka The Owner of the Company) asks the room, “Who had the little bit of milk in the fridge? I used it yesterday. I couldn’t remember if it was mine, since it wasn’t the brand they sell next door, but took it anyway. But I got more, so help yourself.”

My reactions:
1.) Whew! Glad I didn’t make a federal case out of someone drinking my milk. Could’ve been awkward with the culprit being the owner and all.
2.) *giggles* I doubted the non-rottenness of it, and he *drank* it.
3.) He replaced it! What a guy!