‘Expert’ Travel Advice?!

Things NOT to do when staying in a small space/ tiny apartment with other people:
*Put your shoes under the radiator.
*Leave wet towels on the (only) bathroom floor.
*Use all the hooks in the (only) bathroom for your dirty clothes.
*Leave dirty dishes on the counter, island, and in the sink.
*Not throw empty yogurt containers in the trash.
*Not rinse wineglasses so they get smelly and stained.

Things NOT to do when traveling with other people:
*On a cold day when car windows can’t be opened, take you shoes off in the car.
*Change the GPS route en-route without telling the driver. Or, if driving, don’t listen to the GPS when it’s routing you away from a traffic jam, thinking you know better.
*Continually reference someone’s dietary restrictions at every meal stop/dining opportunity.


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