Monthly Archives: October 2013

“When it is harder to obtain a library card than it is to buy a gun in this country, something is terribly wrong. I mean, would you let your neighbor drive 100 miles an hour in their car through your children’s school zone? I hope you wouldn’t, but regardless everyone has the right to own a car but the safety or our community comes first and foremost. It’s just common sense. We must always balance our rights and responsibilities as responsible citizens.”
– Tony Bennett

I am willing to say without reservation that there’s something seriously wrong in a country where private citizens own 300,000,000 guns and are still whining that their Second Amendment rights are being threatened.

Hunting? No. Use a bow. If you’re that bad of a shot, you probably shouldn’t be hunting in the first place.

Home defense? If home defense is so important that it needs military weapons, where are the sandbag barricades at front doors? How about the bulletproof windows? It’s fine to keep a handgun or shotgun for home defense, but we’re either going to go back to the Dodge City days, or we’re going to have to trust our local and federal governments to take care of some of the law enforcement. Oh, and I don’t like to pay taxes as much as anyone, but the solution is not to disappear into the woods and become a paramilitary.

Guns are not like cars. Most people really need cars, and very few people really need guns. Guns in every home made sense 200 years ago, when the US was the first to ever break away from its colonial ruler. It makes less sense now, but it is ingrained in society. Nonetheless, every portion of the Constitution is modified by laws showing that times change. There are gun laws of various types, and yet, no one is trying to take away everyone’s guns.