I just found a crossword puzzle that was half completed by my grandmother. She died 23 years ago. It’s quite the gift to be able to solve one “together”. *gets pencil and eraser*

Karyn Z: smiles…

Jane W: This is way cool, congrats!

Drew H: I can’t remember her without a crossword puzzle at hand. Is the eraser for her or you?

Christine H: Perfect way to spend an evening – she might even whisper a few answers in your ear.

Alina M: how cool

Me: Drew, it’s for me. Even with the couple of maybe-slightly-not-as-correct-as-they-could-be answers she has, I couldn’t bring myself to correct them.

Me: It’s odd doing a puzzle in pencil since I typically use a pen.

Niki K: You should frame it.

Melissa Trax: Niki, that’s pretty much the plan. I made a copy for me to work and will get them both in a frame together.

Jaffa Rafferty: Wow that’s an amazing legacy – give us a clue!

Me: Jaffa! okay, here goes: “Conscious is the inner voice that warns us _ _ _ _.” ~H.L. Mencken.
20 letters, ends in G.

Jaffa R: Hmmmm – had no idea but Google told me the answer…don’t want to spoil this special crossword with a false claim

Isabel B: hmmm…must be many small words! (and I use a purple gel pen!)

Me: Isabel, Adam uses purple and I use blue!

Debbie S: now that is really special

Me: I can’t bring myself to finish it.

Eddie T: I would like to hang a framed copy in the man cave. She always loved doing her crosswords…and watching golden girls…

Randy D: Some things don’t need to be finished…better to be left as “to be continued”…


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