Monthly Archives: August 2014

Ice bucket nonsense, part one.

Nope, not doing it. And here’s why:

1. I don’t do peer pressure. It’s a step away from bullying; I value individuality too much to subscribe to it .

2. With specific regard to this: I hold two volunteer positions where I donate my time and skills, as well as make monetary donations to charities that are important to me. If the main focus of this is giving, check me off as done. If the main point of this is learning about ALS, I’ll go read, and I hope all of the wet folk join me.

3. Roughly 1 in 10 people in the world do not have access to clean water. Lack of clean water kills kids. I’m not wasting it.

4. The drought in California is setting records. They grow food there, and I like food. Send the water to a farm there.



I’m having a hard time with this host transfer. I want to like wordpress, but the app is just painful to use. The formatting doesn’t import well, and the password protection is hit-or-miss. Overall, it’s just…awkward.

The cat has a blog, but any comments made come from me and not him.

My volunteer at the shelter has been with me for two and a half years. For a while, I was “cool”. No longer is this the case. It’s good, though, because she sees me as an equal and still confides when necessary. She still volunteers, just not on my work days. Gone are the random text messages. *sigh*I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to influence her life.

It’s humbling when your really think about it.

My intern, K, gives me many opportunities to guide. Anyone can teach procedures. The challenge is how to successfully pass on some wisdom for life without being preachy. Without sounding like dad or mom. Without saying, when you’re older, you’ll get it. I mean, I hope he gets it when he’s older, but there’s no guarantees on anything.