I’m having a hard time with this host transfer. I want to like wordpress, but the app is just painful to use. The formatting doesn’t import well, and the password protection is hit-or-miss. Overall, it’s just…awkward.

The cat has a blog, but any comments made come from me and not him.

My volunteer at the shelter has been with me for two and a half years. For a while, I was “cool”. No longer is this the case. It’s good, though, because she sees me as an equal and still confides when necessary. She still volunteers, just not on my work days. Gone are the random text messages. *sigh*I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to influence her life.

It’s humbling when your really think about it.

My intern, K, gives me many opportunities to guide. Anyone can teach procedures. The challenge is how to successfully pass on some wisdom for life without being preachy. Without sounding like dad or mom. Without saying, when you’re older, you’ll get it. I mean, I hope he gets it when he’s older, but there’s no guarantees on anything.


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. The Canadian Cats

    Hi Obi and mom….just popped over to say hi. Do you work in a shelter, Obi’s mom? I have worked in a man’s hostel and federal male parolees half way house for a number of years and worked part time at a Womens shelter and halfway house for ….how do you say this….women getting out of prison. I no longer work so these are memories, Man I would much rather deal with men…women whine so much!!



  2. SuntanMidori Post author

    Hi all! Yep, I work for an animal shelter, Shoko. I’m a clinical volunteer with a TNR group, as well. (Thankfully my board position has ended there and I’m back to spending my time in the operating room. Talk about drama! Sheesh!) I also have another job as Research and Internship Manager at a small brokerage. That’s pretty boring, but shelter work isn’t exactly a lucrative field. I have bills and like to eat, so…

    I used to work with kids and learned that boys are “gross” and girls are “evil”. The best true example I can give is this: The boys wiped boogers on the bathroom walls, and that’s definitely gross. The girls filled the toilet bowls with paper towels and pooed on top of them. That’s way more than gross. Needless to say, I’ll take boys any day. 😉

    Melissa (Obi’s “Mum”)


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