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Let’s Talk Books and Politics with Rich Couch. A MUST READ.

Just picking quotes from this would not suffice. Read the whole thing.

Why Do Economically Disadvantaged Whites Vote Republican?

One of the great mysteries of political life for progressives is why poor white people will year after year vote for politicians who explicitly promise not to do anything to help them. Joe Bageant returns and is once again our tour guide through a depressed and depressing area of Virginia. This material is mostly from the chapter “Republicans by Default” in his book Deer Hunting with Jesus.

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Rest in Peace, Joan

I like how she totally owned her plastic surgery. No denials, nothing like that. I mean, she said she had so much of it she wanted her body donated to Tupperware upon death. If she taught us anything, it was to be who you are… And laugh about it.

Rest in peace, Joan.