Brampton 1996

Brampton 1996

Megan K: Great memories!!

Ruth Ann S: It wouldn’t let me add coach Rick Wright! Can’t forget about him!

Dawn D: Hey! Where am I?!??

Ruth Ann S:l Dawn are you pictured? I can’t remember what you Looked like growing up.

Dawn D: I think I was sitting on a table at the level of the coaches- on the left side, so I got cropped out.

Ruth Ann S: Awwww I’m sorry

Ruth Ann S: Ooooh let me look at my photo stash…I think I may have a photo of you.

Dawn D: Ha ha, it’s ok!

Hilary Kingsley: That was a fun group. Anyone else feel like they’re gonna puke watching USA game?

Ruth Ann S: No, I will find it! Were you one of the ones that was old enough to drink wine coolers?

Dawn D, this one? Or?…


Me: This was the year we won, right? And what the eff is on my head?! LOL I remember almost dying on the way home in a wreck on the Hamilton Bridge.

Dawn D: No, we won the next year. And,ye, Ruth Ann – that’s me with a drink in my hand, lol!

Ruth Ann S: Haha I thought so! Told you I had one! and no we lost BAD that year!

Me: I’ll look in the program for the scores – and then have an adult beverage in their dismal honor.

Ruth Ann S: What’s funny is that if we were of age they let us drink! Lol in organizations today that wouldn’t fly! lol

Me: This is a great photo, BTW. A new one for me.

Ellen Z W: That was a fun tournament. I have some pics as well….I’ll see if I can scan them.

Me: As promised! Scores were: Picton 3, PIT 2; Kitchener 3, PIT 1; and Brampton 1, PIT 4. I’m still having a cocktail in their honor!


Hilary K: have to find that book and I’m sure I have more pictures. SuntanMidori, is that a Greatful Dead hat?

Hilary K: I’m also thankful I have since learned how to wax/pluck my eyebrows.

Me: Hilary, I found a wonderful photo of you! And I think it is a Grateful Dead hat!

Ruth Ann S: SuntanMidori did you tag that one girl as “joy somethingorother?” Lmao

Me: I did! Because it kept defaulting to Joy Division and That’s just Not. Right.

Me: Hilary!



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