Monthly Archives: April 2016


I’ve been making lots of smoothies lately.  Over the last vacation in Riviera Maya, I fell into the habit of having a lot of juice throughout the day. Hydration + trace nutrients = lack o’ hangovers.  It’s an easy habit to get into but hard to replicate at home.

The best I can do locally is to blend fresh juice mixes (think Naked or Bolthouse) and  with fresh fruit. It’s a nice fruit-to-budget balance. Some days it tastes better than others. Trial and error, I suppose, heavily influenced by whatever is left in the fridge.

The other day I started with a protein and coconut water something – or – other. It’s the color of soy milk. I got my coconut on and added coconut milk, as well as ice and a wee bit of TJ’s daily green juice. The color was very hummus-like. While putting things away, i had the brilliant thought of making my at-work lunchtime prep easier by emptying the can of white bean soup into my travel container. I did just that, and set the empty can next to the blender. At that moment, before I was able to recycle the can, AK walked into the kitchen. He took one look at blender contents and empty soup can and told me that I was taking this smoothie thing too far. He’s a funny guy.

Next time, I’ll tell ya’ about the time one of my smoothies was mistaken for guacamole.