Oberon Drake, Writer and Sophisticat.

I heard Nora Roberts on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me a while ago. During the interview, she said she thought everyone made up stories in their head but learned that it wasn’t the case.

News to me was that it wasn’t the case.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had narratives in my head. Random characters, people I knew, and characters from TV or books all had been featured at some point in various daydreams.

I’ve been able to build on that through Obi’s presence online.  He’s such a strong character that sometimes he doesn’t fit it at Scouts. There’s a level of catness to him that the others don’t have, nor do they seem to understand. But I like him. And I’m not going to change him fundamentally.

My new goal is to get these narratives out of me head and onto paper. Someone may be interested in reading them, even if that someone is only myself. How bad can they be?


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