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a gift.

Remington has been an angel for over six years. Today, in a side pocket of an old carrier, I found a big tuft of his fur. Today, I got to do something that i’d wished for many, many times. Today, I got to feel his fur again when I never thought I would.




They Name Themselves

When adopters ask about good kitten names, I tell them to give it a few days before choosing the new addition’s name. And I’m not alone — all of the counselors at our location say the same. It’ because the cat or kitten will name itself, or at least let the new human know it’s name. It’s best explained by example.

My colleague Deb found a kitten in a box on top of a trash bin. Shortly after picking him up, she sent me a text. Here’s the convo:



No other name ever stuck. Nothing fit, nothing seemed right. He was always referred to as Kmart. And I’m pleased to report that Kmart is happy and healthy in his home.

Another Follow-up to the 2012 La Grele

Original post is here

The occasion presented itself. I did not share, unless you count saving a glass for myself for the following day. I drank the wine while starting this painting of Zoe, which was a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift. Also, a bredlik poem happened:
Wif brush I paynt
the face of katt
on blank whyte sheet
just how she sat.

Dis katt is gone
but she wuz myne
so whyle I paynt…

I drink the wine.




I do not recall exactly how I met Timmy online before Obi went missing. I know it was several months before May 25, 2010. That’s the day that Obi disappeared after having a tiff with another neighborhood feral.

I do recall that when Obi left on walkabout, Timmy was inspirational. He helped get the word out about the missing Obi. He connected me with others who would aid in my search. He was a beacon of hope when I felt low. I firmly believe that Obi would not have made it home if not for Timmy. Needless to say, Obi’s walkabout was when Timmy and I really became friends.

Our Ash Stone is placed near our patio door. That door was the last place I’d seen Obi before he left and the first place I saw him upon his return. It was the door through which he first entered out home, a tiny kitten in a big metal trap on his way to be neutered. It was the door through which I first rubbed his head, after months of earning his trust. It was the door through which he came into our home permanently.

Lost and found, here and gone, then and now. It’s a big circle.

Circles overlap.

Circles cause ripples.

Obi’s disappearance started the chain of events that led me to meet some of the most brilliant people I’m now lucky enough to call my friends. Those friends have changed my life. Timmy. Caused. That. Timmy’s love for life and friendship will continue to ripple outward and continue to grow. And it will never be stopped.

Lessons from a cat…

Live in the moment.

Purr more, hiss less.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. They may be only good for an evenings’ worth of cuddles and kind words, but it’s still an enjoyable evening. (Also: See ‘Live in the moment’.)

Be kind to strangers. You never know if you’re going to brighten up their day by just being you.

Be kind to strangers: You may become a cult classic and fan favorite for your authenticity. Own it.

Be yourself. Be goofy, strange, cranky, weird, wobbly, loving, drooly. Be all of it. Be yourself SO HARD that when you are gone, people still think about you.

When in doubt, go for the nip.

Do what makes you happy.

Love much. Love often.

Retire to Buffalo.


(This was inspired by Whiskey “Wobbles” T-L, who earned his wings on May 21, 2016. He had two erect ears and a long tail. And a heart of gold.)

And with this, I call bullshit on “I’m moving and I can’t take my cat.”

Thanks to FACE Low-Cost, Spay/Neuter Clinic, for the info.

This is Edward.
He is currently home from Afghanistan and he came in today to get help for a stray cat he is feeding at his house. We signed him up as a caretaker in our program and provided him with a trap, shelter and tips to care for the cat. Cat men are already totally cool in our book, but his back story gets better.

Check this out! While in Afghanistan he befriended a stray cat he named “Mousetrap” due to her extraordinary mousing skills. When it was time to come home, Edward refused to leave her behind and sought a way to bring her home to the states with him. He got connected to a rescue group called nowzad which helps soldiers on the front lines of Afghanistan rescue the companion animals they had adopted during their tour of duty. The trick was, Edward had to get her to Kabul from the front lines. Edward was able to secure a taxi and Mousetrap traveled over 100 miles to Kabul. Nowzad then safely transported her to the U.S.
(Edward thought it was pretty amusing that Mousetrap made it back to the states before he did.)

Once he was back in the states, cat and catman were reunited and they live together now, safe and sound, right here in Indianapolis.

Mousetrap in Afghanistan:


Mousetrap at home:


Mousetrap, redux:


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That time when you wake up and realize you were dreaming about self-propelled scuba diving kittens..

… Who were giving you a tour of a shipwreck… That turned out to be a sunken Lay’s potato chip truck.

I’m a little disappointed they’re not real.