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What Happened

“What happened?”

Well, let me tell you:

You are selfish.
You use people for personal gain.
You do not keep your word.
You do not respect people.
You do not value friendships, fraternal teammate bonds, or partnerships.

What you’re missing is this: Real love doesn’t divide. It multiplies. Or as Larkin said, “What will survive of us is love”.

And it’s very true.

You are no longer in my life.

I have the honor of sharing a friendship with one the best people in the world. It’s an amazing bond borne out of love, respect, and understanding. They have since married a wonderful individual who loves me almost as much as they do. And I love that individual that much, as well.

For that, I thank you.



Old Skool

Barrie Sharks visit Pittsburgh, Harmarville Bladerunners Rink. c1995


Jan 21, 1995, Barrie, Ontario.


Medieval Times

Family history can be traced back to 1510-ish. There’s one line to go back farther, but the dates are just speculative. Also, I have parish records from the 1600s. This makes me incredibly happy.


Researching my family history has made me aware of many things, the least of which is not that one has an infinite amount of time on this earth.

Life is too short, people.

Eat dessert first.

“Go Home Flyers!”

The goal was wicked.

There were a lot of fights.
(Read more about the game here)

I hope it’s not the last time I’m in the building. A building that houses the largest crowd I’ve ever played in front of – 16,164 people.  

It was surreal to see someone I played against there. And by there, I mean on the ice. He’d always been an opponant, so seeing him in Flyers’ colors made it all too real.

The game is up there – right up there – with a game versus Montreal sometime around 1993 to set the record for number of wins in a row. I don’t know if the record still stands, but I know that I didn’t have a voice for a few days after that night. (FlugVogel was there, too. Remember?!)

I spent a lot of time yesterday looking at old team photos and feeling strangely nostalgic and jealous. Then I realized it was simple — don’t cry, get the gear and put it back on.