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I listed a first generation iPhone for sale on eBay today. I’d been keeping it for years. Nine years, in fact. Nine years and one month — since the day that Pfundi died. It was his.

I remember him being excited to have it. While I don’t remember the day he got it, I do remember being at Kennywood and holding it for him while he went on one of the water rides. He was so worried about it. I though it was neat, though I didn’t really know what to DO with it. What can I say, it was new to a lot of us.

Since it came into my possession, I transferred the photos off of it. I’d charge it every so often to make sure it still worked. It wasn’t really usable, though. It sat long enough for it to become collectible; to have someone else want it.

While I appreciated it, I didn’t need to collect it.

I listed it around 14:30. By 18:30 it was sold.

Feeling a little mixed up about losing possession of it on the drive home from work, I looked at the sky over the river. It was about 90 minutes after a big storm came through and the sky was mostly clear, save for four clouds. Two were small and circular. In between them, another small one, slightly lower. Beneath those three, one shaped like the letter D tipped to the right and slightly elongated.

A big grin in the sky. A big grin in the sky as I was wondering if I did the right thing by selling Pfundi’s iPhone. My guess is that he’s happy it will now be in the hands of someone who will adore it as much as he did.


a gift.

Remington has been an angel for over six years. Today, in a side pocket of an old carrier, I found a big tuft of his fur. Today, I got to do something that i’d wished for many, many times. Today, I got to feel his fur again when I never thought I would.



A Follow up to the 2012 La Grele

Original post is here

I posed the same question to facebook. Here are some of the replies:

DB: Some bottles you save for a special occasion, some bottles ARE the special occasion. Enjoy it!

MT: Do I share?

DB: :’D

Would you ask the same thing if I run out of air next time we dive?!?

MT: I don’t mind sharing!

After a bit more thought, I realize this: Of course I’d share my air. BUT this   is WINE, and more important. 😉

DB: Two things I never share, great wine and underwear. That’s my policy.


BB: When I come to visit you…. 😉 Srsly…I think the occasion will present itself…and it does not have to be anything you would anticipate as special. Drinking it is special enough!

SuntanMidori: There’s a certain wisdom in this.

BB: Yeah…and your friend is right.. You don’t have to share…Two people on one bottle is enough to get a real enjoyment…with maybe a glass left for the next day’s sip-with-a-book… Four people on one bottle can be tepid…

SuntanMidori: I’ve been through every comment posted here in my head multiple times over the past few years. Really. Part of me wants this bottle – which is maybe a reconciliatory peace offering – all to myself. Part of me wonders if this whole thing is nothing more than a happy accident of a regift.


PL: Now is the right time. Drink that bottle of wine. Life is short!

MS: Life is short. Enjoy the wine

CH: Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Drink the wine.


Lessons from a cat…

Live in the moment.

Purr more, hiss less.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. They may be only good for an evenings’ worth of cuddles and kind words, but it’s still an enjoyable evening. (Also: See ‘Live in the moment’.)

Be kind to strangers. You never know if you’re going to brighten up their day by just being you.

Be kind to strangers: You may become a cult classic and fan favorite for your authenticity. Own it.

Be yourself. Be goofy, strange, cranky, weird, wobbly, loving, drooly. Be all of it. Be yourself SO HARD that when you are gone, people still think about you.

When in doubt, go for the nip.

Do what makes you happy.

Love much. Love often.

Retire to Buffalo.


(This was inspired by Whiskey “Wobbles” T-L, who earned his wings on May 21, 2016. He had two erect ears and a long tail. And a heart of gold.)

Brampton 1996

Brampton 1996

Megan K: Great memories!!

Ruth Ann S: It wouldn’t let me add coach Rick Wright! Can’t forget about him!

Dawn D: Hey! Where am I?!??

Ruth Ann S:l Dawn are you pictured? I can’t remember what you Looked like growing up.

Dawn D: I think I was sitting on a table at the level of the coaches- on the left side, so I got cropped out.

Ruth Ann S: Awwww I’m sorry

Ruth Ann S: Ooooh let me look at my photo stash…I think I may have a photo of you.

Dawn D: Ha ha, it’s ok!

Hilary Kingsley: That was a fun group. Anyone else feel like they’re gonna puke watching USA game?

Ruth Ann S: No, I will find it! Were you one of the ones that was old enough to drink wine coolers?

Dawn D, this one? Or?…


Me: This was the year we won, right? And what the eff is on my head?! LOL I remember almost dying on the way home in a wreck on the Hamilton Bridge.

Dawn D: No, we won the next year. And,ye, Ruth Ann – that’s me with a drink in my hand, lol!

Ruth Ann S: Haha I thought so! Told you I had one! and no we lost BAD that year!

Me: I’ll look in the program for the scores – and then have an adult beverage in their dismal honor.

Ruth Ann S: What’s funny is that if we were of age they let us drink! Lol in organizations today that wouldn’t fly! lol

Me: This is a great photo, BTW. A new one for me.

Ellen Z W: That was a fun tournament. I have some pics as well….I’ll see if I can scan them.

Me: As promised! Scores were: Picton 3, PIT 2; Kitchener 3, PIT 1; and Brampton 1, PIT 4. I’m still having a cocktail in their honor!


Hilary K: have to find that book and I’m sure I have more pictures. SuntanMidori, is that a Greatful Dead hat?

Hilary K: I’m also thankful I have since learned how to wax/pluck my eyebrows.

Me: Hilary, I found a wonderful photo of you! And I think it is a Grateful Dead hat!

Ruth Ann S: SuntanMidori did you tag that one girl as “joy somethingorother?” Lmao

Me: I did! Because it kept defaulting to Joy Division and That’s just Not. Right.

Me: Hilary!



I just found a crossword puzzle that was half completed by my grandmother. She died 23 years ago. It’s quite the gift to be able to solve one “together”. *gets pencil and eraser*

Karyn Z: smiles…

Jane W: This is way cool, congrats!

Drew H: I can’t remember her without a crossword puzzle at hand. Is the eraser for her or you?

Christine H: Perfect way to spend an evening – she might even whisper a few answers in your ear.

Alina M: how cool

Me: Drew, it’s for me. Even with the couple of maybe-slightly-not-as-correct-as-they-could-be answers she has, I couldn’t bring myself to correct them.

Me: It’s odd doing a puzzle in pencil since I typically use a pen.

Niki K: You should frame it.

Melissa Trax: Niki, that’s pretty much the plan. I made a copy for me to work and will get them both in a frame together.

Jaffa Rafferty: Wow that’s an amazing legacy – give us a clue!

Me: Jaffa! okay, here goes: “Conscious is the inner voice that warns us _ _ _ _.” ~H.L. Mencken.
20 letters, ends in G.

Jaffa R: Hmmmm – had no idea but Google told me the answer…don’t want to spoil this special crossword with a false claim

Isabel B: hmmm…must be many small words! (and I use a purple gel pen!)

Me: Isabel, Adam uses purple and I use blue!

Debbie S: now that is really special

Me: I can’t bring myself to finish it.

Eddie T: I would like to hang a framed copy in the man cave. She always loved doing her crosswords…and watching golden girls…

Randy D: Some things don’t need to be finished…better to be left as “to be continued”…