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Brexit and Other Drabble

I can’t say that I fix things; it’s more like I clean things up in a, “send lawyers, guns, and money” kind of way. For the most part, it’s fine. But after a solid year of poor planning getting worse, I’m tired of saving the day.



So. Brexit happened. Russia is happy. Trump is happy. That says more than I can right now.

Feel free to share this so anyone on your time line who voted Leave can see exactly what they’ve voted for.


Thanks to Jon Adams for these Brexit notes:

The UK will leave the EU. The process won’t be quick and will take a minimum of two years, but the fallout is instant.

1. The Pound Sterling is down over 9 percent and falling. It has effectively de-valued British currency.
2. World equity (stock) markets are plummeting. The US Dow Jones Industrials looks to open in the morning at over 600 points below yesterday’s close.
3. Gold is up over 73 US dollars.
4. The US Federal Reserve won’t raise interest rates this year as was previously expected. Such a move while facing impending economic hard times would exacerbate the decline.
5. UK goods in other countries and travel to Britain will be cheaper, but in the UK goods will cost more and so will travel anywhere abroad.
6. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, so there may be another Scottish referendum on leaving the UK. The same may happen in Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is a relatively prosperous EU member. But we know the history of the two Irelands so don’t hold your breath.
7. Tax increases will be coming for Brits. So will a recession.

I’ll join him in saying ‘Sorry England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but congratulations on your Independence. Good luck with that.’