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The Best Thing I’ve Read All Day

It’s a FB post in regard to a comment by a person whose mother does not accept them for who they are.

“I am your mother now. I love you and am proud of you*. Just wait until you meet your sister, my small dog who is also overjoyed that you exist.

“(*I mean. Probably. I don’t know you. Maybe you’re terrible. But you’re not terrible because you’re queer, and it’s really important that you remember this.)”

Intermittent Wipers – MIA

I don’t recall how long I’d had the Mini before there was a recall for an airbag or something in the steering wheel/steering column. It was long enough to know where things were located and how they worked. I don’t even recall what the recall was, only that when it was completed, I had a new stem to control the wipers, and that new stem didn’t have the intermittent function. The garage told me of the stem replacement and nothing regarding function, so I had no reason to think otherwise.

The wiper stem used to work as such: One click down for one wipe, one click up for intermittent, up another click for on slow, and up one more for on fast. Turn the rotating bit towards the driver for squirting the back window; turn the rotating bit away from the driver to turn the rear wiper on. There was nothing at the very end of the stem, unlike the one on the left-hand side. That one had a select/confirm button for the menus. One other important bit to know is that when sitting in the car, the width of the steering wheel blocked the last half inch of the stems from my view.

Fast forward a few years. I was in the gym parking lot getting ready to go in when I dropped my membership card. It fell in the awkward spot between seat and console. In trying to reach it, I twisted myself in a manner that allowed me to see the end of the right-hand side stem – the one that had been replace years ago. On the end was a button. And in that instant, I knew where my intermittent wiper function was.

Of GTIs and CD Players

I have a new car. It’s a 2017 VW GTI. And after having the Mini for over ten years, it’s a big difference. This is especially evident in the technology that is available in the car and in the prominence of it.  For example, my dashboard has a touch screen control panel directly in the center of it and it controls damn near everything in the car. Doesn’t work with mittens, though.

Below that, there’s the Aux In and a USB plug. I can play MP3s directly from a flash drive and not lose any of the sub-folders or organization. Pretty neat. I’ll not use it, since I rely heavily on my iPod Classic, and have for nearly nine years, but neat nonetheless.

Recently, though, my iPod’s hard drive stopped working. It’s being replaced, thankfully. Whilst without, I was exploring aural options and noticed that the dash was missing a CD player. There’s a bit of plastic in a spot where the CD player is in the Jetta – and has been for the past four Jettas – so I thought nothing more than I was now driving a computer that was too new for CDs and that I was old for clinging to them.

Fast forward two weeks. I’m roadside with a tire issue and looking for the tire pressure reset button. In the Jettas now and former it was in the glove box, so I started there. It’s not there in the GTI, but a CD player is! Also there is an SD card input and a bunch of other slots that store or accept… things. Things I’ll figure out in due time.

It’s very reminiscent of that time when I found my missing wiper function. More on that later.